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Nikon D90 Battery - You're Supposed To Know More About It

Nikon D90 Battery - You're Supposed To Know More About It
The battle among D-SLRs is on and the D90 camera from Nikon is one camera to beat! But of course the powerful performance of a camera (no matter how sophisticated) relies on its battery life. The Nikon D90 battery is said to be one that can fully support the handsome features of the Nikon D90.
The body of the Nikon D90 is strikingly similar to its predecessor, inside, the camera is entirely new with added features that every photographer will surely love. It boasts of a movie mode and in HD, no less! The camera can shoot continuously at 4.5 frames per second, has a 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and an active D-Lighting that guarantees an enhanced active range. Viewing images is a lot clearer and easier with its ultra-sharp 3-inch LCD display. Geo-tagging is another D90 camera feature which may be chosen at photographer's option. All these incredible presentations are functioning well courtesy of the Nikon D90 battery that comes with the purchase of the camera.
With handles so conveniently placed, the Nikon D90 could be your best camera so far. Many find it easy to use and backed by Nikon's six decades of non-stop innovation, you can be sure that its features that work intuitively are as clever as the innovative people that push Nikon to higher levels.
Compared with the D300, the rear multi-selector is so convenient to photographers who find this control to be useful. The Nikon D90 is indeed a very impressive camera and this is what people who have experienced it agree about. Even the Nikon D90 battery has received very positive feedback, calling it the best battery life in the class of D-SLR cameras. Nikon D90 uses EN-EL 3e Lithium-Ion battery which is also the battery that supports other tried and tested Nikon cameras. While the battery come quite expensive, if it can give you up to the least of 2GB, or 5 minutes in 720p or 20 minutes in SD or 320 of movies, it is definitely worth it. It can deliver up to 850 shots with 50 percent flash.
The camera's battery grip is the same battery grip used for the D80 which can hold a couple of EN-EL 3e batteries. That means two battery lives for you to continue taking pictures endlessly and to your heart's content. The battery grip allows you to shoot in portrait style given its extra buttons and dials which come very handy for the purpose.
Charging the Nikon D90 battery is relatively easy because all you have to do is pop it into the charger which is an included accessory upon purchase of the camera. Charging time does not take long either because in as short as two and a half hours, the battery is fully charged and you can resume snapping away. The only downside perhaps of the charger is that it requires a power cable unlike the other charger types which you simply plug in any wall outlet. However, given the many advantages offered by the Nikon D90 camera and the amazing power provided to it by the Nikon D90 battery, you will be more than glad you are one of the proud owners of such an incredible product.

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