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Audi Plans to Replace V8 Engines with Modern Turbocharged Engines on RS4/RS5

Audi Plans to Replace V8 Engines with Modern Turbocharged Engines on RS4/RS5
Audi is set to become the latest manufacturer to replace V8 engines with modern turbocharged six-cylinder technology, on both its RS4 and RS5 performance models.
In the wake of BMW's successful debut of the all-new M3 and M4, which introduced a turbocharged six-cylinder in favour of a successful naturally-aspirated V8 earlier this year, the head of Audi's quattro division, Heinz Hollerweger, said there was increasing merit in phasing out V8 performance engines in smaller models. However he agreed higher displacement was needed on the most powerful flagships.
The RS4 and RS5 are due to be updated in the next two or three years. Asked whether a V8 engine would still reside under the bonnet of the new model, Hollerweger said: "It could be a V8 but it doesn't need to be", adding that "there are nice six-cylinder engines for this category."
Until now, V8 engines have been almost synonymous with Audi's flagship performance models. The current RS4 Avant and RS5 Coupe share a 4.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 producing 331kW and 430Nm.
The RS4/RS5 are due for a makeover in the next two to three years, though Hollerweger was coy on exact timing. The RS4 was lightly updated about 18 months ago, while the RS5 dates back even further.
Audi already offers a V6 supercharged petrol engine on its more mainstream S4 variant, producing 245kW and 440Nm.
The German car maker also recently introduced a 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine for its RSQ3 SUV, and is poised to do the same for its long-rumoured RS3.
Hollerweger said despite new turbocharging technology, large capacity engines still deserved a place among Audi's flagship performance variants, such as the RS6, RS7 and R8.
"What is quite clear is that the next R8 will still have a 10-cylinder," he said.

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